Happy [Late] Easter

My Easter Sunday started early with the Sunrise Service of the Christ's Church By The Sea, a Methodist congregation on Balboa Peninsula . As long as I live in Southern California, this will be one of my favorite traditions. We arrived at the beach in between 14th and 15th St before sunrise. The nearly full moon was still high and the ocean air was brisk. There is something about being up before most of the world that always makes me really like myself. That probably sounds weird, but I don't know how else to explain it. I feel unique in my experience with nature, to be awake at a time that most everyone else is asleep and unaware of the remarkable and beautiful. Maybe that's part of it.

I'm not the only one who makes this worship service a tradition. Each year for the past four years, the music entices dolphins to pay their respects to their Creator. It may be the dolphins more than anything that keep me coming back. I wonder if they know the event that we are celebrating, if they know anything about the great gift of the Resurrection. This video is pretty poor quality. I wish I could post a better version. Anytime you see a stirring in the water, that was a dolphin.

Later that day, I met up with Melissa and Darren and their kids at church. They were in town from Vegas to go to Disneyland. After church, we came back for lunch at my house, dyed eggs and took the ferry to the beach and a walk on the pier.

What a great day!

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Sara Jensen said...

You have no reason to have a complex--you are doing amazing things with your life. I admire you for getting your masters and spending your time doing worth-while events. It's always fun to check in and see what you're doing.