Happy Birthday, Mom!!

Here are just a few reasons why I love my mom!!

Southern California Girl!! Instilled in me a love for the beach and healthy eating.
(this is her hot senior photo - cresenta valley high)

Made a pretty darn good decision so I could be born to this glorious world!
( marriage solemnized at the Los Angeles Temple)

Glamorous!!! Taught me to always keep my lips moisturized with color!

Patience beyond belief on family road trips!
Taught me how to use mother nature's restroom when we
didn't have time to stop in town and find a public potty.

(four corners USA)

LOVES being a mom and LOVES her kids!
(and loves matching dresses)

Super fun to travel with!
(open air market in England where we found the best spanish strawberries)

Hot Hot Hot!!
Mom, I love you! I'm so grateful that you're my mom!



Keepin' up with the Jones' said...

happy birthday kit!! loving the glamour shots picture.

Aubrey said...

I know that this post is all about your beautiful mother, but can I please just take a moment to share my love of that glamour shot! Girl got volume!!!

Just for Melissa said...

How cute! Your mom is beautiful! She looks so much like you. I love it. What an honor you did for her.