Happy Birthday, Keira!

I'm so glad my brother Chad married Keira! I love that she's from So Cal, so they have excuses to come visit me :).
She is such a good mom to these two munchkins! I admire her patience and the calm way she is with them. She is such a good teacher to them!

Thanks for being a part of my family!


Melly Mel said...

Hey Charity, how do you get the fortune of the week? I love it!

The Hokanson Family said...

I guess I'll wish her happy birthday too, if I absolutely have too... :) Even though if you would have asked me (back in 1995) who I was going to marry, I would have said Chad. I still remember him driving us home from an Orem HIgh football game (in his rodeo), he was listening to an STP cd...and in the car he asked me a few questions...I felt soooo cool. Anyway I'm happy he married someone so amazing...even though he could've had me...:) just kidding about that last part. Hope things are going good. We're doing good here. Having 3 kids is pretty hard I have to admit.