was yesterday not glorious???

...with the rag top down so my hair can blow... on my way to San Clemente (Riviera's) for an awesome day at the beach.

Little Jack...and my sunglass case.

Surfing with Dolphins--where man meets wild!
I have never seen this before, but apparently, it's not such a novel thing as I think it is...

Jack and Monty.

War paint! Melissa is such a cute mom! What kid wouldn't love to be allowed to draw all over themselves??? Thank goodness for washable face paint pens! BTW, something about my friend Melissa...she had brain surgery a couple weeks ago and was out at the beach, doing mommy things, chasing Jack, playing in the water (up to her waist)...unbelievable. If I were her, for sure I'd still be in bed.


Cicily said...

Wow, your friend is a super mom. I so wish I could just let Gus go wild with washable markers, I'm such a control-freak. How fun that you can just, go to the beach. Jealous.

Just for Melissa said...

Awe... Charity! You are a dollface! Thanks for this post of Jack! I love the pictures. I am pretty laid-back huh? Thank you again and again for your help with him. He does have a mind of his own doesn't he?