I have learned something about the word privilege that I didn't learn at BYU. I am grateful for the education I received in undergrad--studying at BYU gave me a solid foundation in the importance of the family that I would not have gotten anywhere else. However, I am very aware of how sheltered I was in many other areas. There are many ways that I can and do easily take for granted the privileged life I have always had. I don't want to take it for granted. I don't want to take anything for granted!

This past Monday I was privileged to attend one day of a three-day conference with Michael White (see previous post). Late in the evening of the first day, he collapsed and was taken to a local hospital and the rest of the conference was canceled. I just received an email informing me that he just passed away at age 59.

I have not agreed with everything I have learned about Narrative ideas and practices (seems to be very relativistic and liberal). But, there is so much about the ideas of Michael White that have opened my mind to possibilities that have long been buried. I very much appreciate a focus on accountability as a therapist--recognizing the privilege and power of being recognized and consulted as an "authority", along with the need to help people reclaim the authority, agency and accountability in their own lives.

As someone who is very much a baby to this kind of therapy, I count myself very lucky to have been one of the few to hear his final words and hopes for the future of Narrative ideas.

It seems as though theorists live forever. They aren't supposed to die at 59. My heart goes out to his family and friends.

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Kit Kartchner said...

Is that your original comment about joy, or is it quoted from a sage? (Or you must be the sage.) :)

It is profound. . . and profoundly true. Thanks for reminding me!

I also was touched by Brian Weiss's urging. We all need to be given the freedom to grow. . and sometimes people can feel held back more by the opinions of others than by their own weaknesses-- or even laziness to change. Why is that? why do we just trigger the old issues in our intimate relationships so easily? Did White's therapies teach you how to do emotional clearings out of that sort?