Leave it to Ms. Austen to figure me out.

Which Jane Austen Heroine are You?
(this is from a facebook application. if you want to take the quiz, i'll send it to you on facebook.)

Fanny Price : Mansfield Park

You are smart and shy, a quiet beauty with brains that intimidate everyone around you. You often feel out of place, homeless and alone. As an intellectual idealist, you long to be heard and understood, but rarely waste your time trying to defend yourself to those who could not possibly understand. Time and experience is making you bolder. Despite your clever genius, you long for simplicity, and the love of your soul mate, who is a socially surprising and unlikely match.


Dust said...

Yes, I am that Dustin. I'm actually impressed that you and your room mate made the connection at all. Very perceptive. I appreciate that.

Aubrey said...

Charity, you are so Fanny Price!

Tiff said...

I just watched Mansfield Park a couple of weeks ago on PBS, I'd never seen it before but it was great and I'd have to agree you are totally Fanny Price...this description is actually quite uncanny...it is quite you! I miss you!