Grandma Kay

Meet my great grandma, Kathryn Hoag Grant...

She and I have a special connection. This is my cousin, Ashley, but I remember sitting on her lap many times. She always kept her fingernails long and well manicured...always painted! I was fascinated with her nails and would play with them for hours. I remember thinking that beautiful, long nails surely must be a trait of a lady. Grandma Kay is definitely a lady.

She had a talent for knitting and tatting (lace making). We have several dresses and outfits that she knit herself. Gorgeous and meticulous in design and quality. I love wearing the dress my mom passed down to me. It still smells like Grandma Kay.

Even as a little girl, I could tell how much Grandpa Grant and Grandma Kay loved each other. I remember him gently teasing her. She kept an immaculate home, everything had a place. It was so peaceful.

My friend Terra posted about a memory of her grandma and it reminded me of when my great-grandmother was nearing the end of her struggle with Alzheimer's.

She was living in a home with several other ladies dealing with similar age-related issues when I was in high school. I regret not visiting her more often.

During one of these infrequent visits, my mom pointed to me and said, "You remember my daughter Charity?" and Grandma Kay's response was, "Is this her husband?" Typical to the style of the 90s, I was probably wearing overalls and and oversized sweatshirt. I do remember that my hair was back in a ponytail. Funny, she thought I was a man! Though I may have found the dementia entertaining at times, I know it was a really hard thing to cope with for many in my family.

During one of my last visits with her, I'd like to think she had a lucid moment and I will never forget it. She was sitting in her favorite rocker in the house and I was sitting in a hard backed chair next to her. Her clear, pale blue eyes looking straight into mine and holding my hand really tightly in both of hers, she said over and over, "I love you so much!"

I don't know if she recognized who I was, but it's a precious memory that I will remember forever. And someday I'll ask her.

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Kit Kartchner said...


thanks for bringing up sweet and wistful memories of our dear Grandma Kay. . what a lovely, brave, and talented woman. We are all blessed by her! Love you so and thank you for sharing this....Mom