500th Post

No, this is not my 500th post. It's only my 427th post. But seeing the proximity to the big five-oh-oh has really made me think.

What is the point people!?

This blog has evolved and devolved and evolved again many times since my first post back in 2007. It has served as a chronicle of my life as I have also de- and evolved. E.g., It's all too obvious in my writing when I have been starved for conversation and when that need is satisfied. I used to write a much greater number of words--they used to be so freely flowing. Now it takes much for forethought and concentration.

The years I was in school studying to be and interning as a marriage and family therapist, yielded posts that were, I thought, provocative and philosophical in nature. I was also single and dating and living with single people who were dating and trying to understand how to not be single. I really miss the philosophical part of that, but my life has changed so much since then--the main difference being my marital status. I don't really see myself getting back to the point where so much of my life revolves around analysing relationships.

The years I've been working for the man have yielded different fruit. Maybe a few rumblings. Maybe they just haven't produced as much. Sometimes the man stifles the creative process--even when my job was "creative". Somehow making brochures for buildings is like waiting on the platforms of the D/B (orange) line. Why oh why is it always a sauna down there? A metophorical tug at my stiff, pointy Brooks Brothers collar.

This blog has followed me from coast to coast, through ups, downs, heart aches, joys, endings, beginnings, and a whole lot of growth. How many careers have I had? Will I have? How many states have I lived in? Will I live in? How many roommates have I lived with? Will I live with (tee hee, except I'm hoping they'll be my kids)?

Those are questions that won't be answered in 73 posts. BUT as I'm gearing up for my 500th, have decided that I need some focus. I can't promise that focus will always be cohesive or even clear. My life will continue to change and so will my blog. With that said, at 3 posts per week, that gives me about 6 months to figure out what the point of all of this is. For now, I hope whoever you are will bear with me as I experiment and seek out my e-niche and do a little self-branding. Should be fun.

So here starts the count down. 72 more to go.

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Emily Frame said...

Excited to see where you take yourself for this, and might I hope aloud that it includes crafts & party planning. You certainly excel at that!