Google Search by Image

Have you tried Google's Search by Image tool? Go to []. Just upload the image you want to search for. If you do it from your smart phone, you can take a picture then and there and it will search its image database comparing your photo with their bazillion images.

I saw these boots on Pinterest, but the pin that I was looking at didn't have the source material linked. I think they are super cute and I wanted to figure out who makes them, if they were still available, and if so--for how much. It's possible that I was the only person who didn't know who made these boots, but that doesn't say much since my fashion designer sense is not very finely tuned. Anyway, I uploaded this image and was immediately referred to a myriad of sites, the top one being the Free People site (which brand they happen to be). I also learned that they are way out of my price range. Ah well, a girl can lust after a pair of boots, can't she?? 

After the web search results, there is a fun little feature that pulls up images similar in appearance to your uploaded image. Kinda cool! Here are some of my favorites from the similar images that came up from my search...

In clockwise motion: Pita  DoughChaiwa Tewa (1922)Worell Young, ballerinas (not linked because I don't want to subject you to the source site's language), Lilli Palmer. 

I love that they all have the same coloring even if they are random in content.

Then I had the brilliant idea to upload a picture of yours truly. I half expected it to generate a bunch of photos of me from facebook or other people's blogs. I was curious to see what's out there on the internets. Ha! My ego got the best of me... here's what came back:

Pretty great, right?

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