Birthday Boy!

Man, we're getting old! I think the Captain would've preferred to pretend it wasn't his birthday--he kept forgetting. "Oh yeah, it's my birthday tomorrow." "Oh yeah, it's my birthday today." We had a small celebration with chicken broccoli casserole (aka: chicken divan). So yummy! I put a lot of curry in mine and this time, made it with homemade cream of chicken instead of the can. I wish we could eat it weekly (no good for the waistline). But it's a good thing it's his favorite because it means we get to eat it at least once a year. He opened gifts and we washed it down with a couple German chocolate (his other favorite) cupcakes from the Little Cupcake Bake Shop. So good! I love these cupcakes. They aren't sickly sweet and make my teeth hurt like most well-know cake shops.

Happy Birthday, Babe! xoxo

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