Patiently waiting

Here's just a glimpse of what I've got to share with soon as I get my sewing machine back from the hospital.

I got a call from the doctor last night, said she's doing fine and almost put back together. It seems a screw came loose. Now, if it was the screw that holds up the feed dogs or the one that controls the whole timing of the operation, I am unsure. Either way, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the sounds that were coming out of her before aren't any more.

I was able to get a definite price, still more than I ever thought I'd pay coming from Out West. But, as my repair guy at A-1 Vacuum and Sewing in Orem said when I called to find out what he would have charged me, I "live in New York."

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The White Silk Purse (Dana) said...

Glad your machine is nearly able to come home :)

I just bought an OLD machine today that matches the one my mom bought when she graduated from high school. Em owns it now and the one I bought today will provide spare parts to keep it in tip top shape.

:) I'm sure glad you're writing.