Last One!

 I know I've dragged this out too long (not as bad as I've dragged out posting about our wedding and honeymoon though!! Those are two events that are still on my list of things to write about. Sheesh, I procrastinate). But here are a few final pics of our Winter Beach Retreat. I'm pining for some warmth right now and looking at these photos are making me nostalgic for the sun!

The first photo you can see our sunburns in full force. Like rookies we both fell asleep without sunscreen. The very thing I said I wouldn't do. Now, a month later, I've finally stopped peeling. The beach shots give a good idea of the luxury of Serenity Beach. It was a little beach oasis!

 We had beautiful blue skies five out of six days. And even the sixth day when it rained, the sun was nice and hot between storm clouds.

I think next time we go the the DR, we'll try Punta Cana...doesn't this look appetizing??
It's on the Caribbean side, so the water is that clear blue. Paradise!


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