My sewing machine went to the hospital last night. It's been out of commission ever since I tried to lower the feed dogs the other day and then couldn't get them to go back up. I probably made it worse by opening the thing up and attempting surgery. I finally had to call in an expert.

Like any mother (hey, people have fur babies, can't I have a metal/plastic/pistons/gears baby?), I am worried sick and longing for it's safe return AND hoping the bill isn't exorbitant.

I'm also mid-project several times over. Fabric is piling up in the corners of our house because I can't stop acquiring it. For example:
  1. I made a stop at Chic fabric for black stretch twill to make a pencil skirt and found fabric for another black skirt AND some chiffon for a blouse.
  2. I've been looking for polyester or nylon tricot for a project for months and finally found a store in Midtown that carries it. Only problem is the minimum cut was 5 yards or $10 per material. Bah! I ended up with about 100 sq ft of off-white and black silkies (but it would've cost triple with shipping for the same amount online).
  3. Lindsay gave me a box of remnants her aunt shipped her and she couldn't use. I have a healthy stack from that acquisition.
And I cannot wait to show-and-tell a little refashioning I've been working on. Turning a few long-sleeve, tailored dress shirts for work into a bit more summery feminineness.

I guess my respite isn't really a respite. More like brainstorming ideas and procuring materials and gearing up for projects that will initiate the gradual decline in performance and needing another tune-up for my machine baby.

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