Too oft taken for granted


This is a flower that gets a bad rap.

Maybe it's because the stems closely resemblence boney skeleton fingers with haphazard, spindly little leaves.
Maybe it's because corner florists have a tendency to use fake dyes to turn them unnatural hues. yuck!

It's definitely not for lack of beauty in the bloom. The ruffled petals are so feminine and delicate.

more carnations after the jump

I've long been drawn to monochrome anything. When I'm getting dressed in the morning, if I'm not careful, I will emerge in head-to-toe shades of one color, often browns. A bunch of carnations is one ensemble that I think is the perfect place for monochromicity.

Another take on monochrome...meets different vases. Love.


Monochrome with different blooms. I die. I love this color and every flower in it. Can you see the carnations? They are most definitely there and holding their own, I must say.

So, next time you want to stomp on the carnation or pull it out of your arrangement, think twice and take a closer look. I think you'll see it's not a flower to be taken for granted.

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